These Are EVPs captured on various investigations by Patti Starr and her team of ghost hunters with Ghost Chasers International, Inc.
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1) A local Kentucky police department:

 “Come stand in here.”  Patti asked a member, “Come in here, come stand in her,” because she was getting a strong feeling of a presence.  The EVP she captured picked up her last words and repeated them, “Come stand in here.” 



2) Chip Coffey's home, Atlanta, GA:

Dog is the cutest.”  While Patti was putting up the equipment in the upstairs room, one of the participants, Dawn Sandum, asked the dog, “What do you think, Bubby?” and the EVP, “Dog is the cutest,” comes through. Click Here to visit Goddess Dawn's website.



3) Abandoned TB hospital, KY:

a) “Down under the steps.”  Patti and her group are near the steps on the second floor when they decide to go to another part of the hospital.  She calls out, “Let’s go!  Come on Chuck” and then you hear a little girl’s voice, “Down under the steps.”  There were no children with us or on the hospital grounds.  Nancy Short, psychic/medium reported that she had seen a white mist coming from the storage area under the steps.


b) “I doubt if you can take them.”  Patti is commenting about her batteries going dead and hoping to have enough power to take more pictures.  A male voice EVP is captured as he says, “I doubt if you can take them.”  He says it very quickly and sharply. 


c)   “Bless you.”  As Patti is looking down the hall to find where the others have gone she says to one of her students, “I get so turned around.” And then you hear a whisper, “Bless you.” 


4) Homestead, Joanne Hobbs, Bardstown, KY:

Mathew.”  Joanne, owner of Homestead, told us about finding unmarked graves out in the back field so the members decided to go out to the cemetery.  During the walk out Patti captured an EVP saying a slow, “Mathew,” just after a burst of laughter from the group. 



5) The Talbott Tavern, Bardstown, KY:

I can’t really give one.”  During another session of dowsing at the Tavern in the cellar, Patti picked up a spirit that had just recently passed within the last four years.  He claimed to have worked there and was a friend of the employee that Patti was demonstrating the dowsing techniques.  They were all surprised at how young this spirit was considering the age of the building.  They were expecting to find someone that had been crossed over longer than four years.  To verify that this spirit was indeed a friend of the employee Patti had the employee to give her some questions to ask.  Since she did not know the employee or the spirit she wanted to see if the rods would provide them with correct answers to his questions.  The spirit confirmed who he was through yes and no questions and answered all of his friends questions correctly.  We found out what his name was, he had died four years ago, he worked at the Tavern when he was seventeen and he died in a car accident.  His purpose for coming through was to see his younger brother graduate from school that night.  He took an opportunity to come through to let his friend know he was there with them.  The employee had just come back from the same graduation ceremony where his friend’s brother had been.  The employee was pretty excited and asked if Patti could take a picture of him to see if they could get a shape in the photo that would prove that his friend was visiting him from the other side.  As She is getting ready to take the picture, Patti asks the spirit to, “Please take a shape, okay, so we can prove that you exists.”  Just as she says the word, “shape”, you can hear a reply, “I can’t really give one.” 



6) Mansion at Griffin Gate Marriott, Lexington, KY:

Devil Worker….Jennifer….Lady that we know.”  The recorder Patti used to get this EVP was located upstairs on the second floor in the hallway that accessed the four separate dining rooms.  As she and others are discussing the paranormal events an EVP is captured over their voices and it says, “Devil worker,” then a pause, “Jennifer,” another pause, “Lady that we know.” 



7) Springhill Winery, Bloomfield, KY:

My name is Laura.”  While Patti is dowsing on the sun porch she contacts a little girl that fell from the porch back in the 1800’s while the house was being built.  Patti asks the group if anyone was getting the feeling for a name and Phyllis says that they all have names ending in “A” and her last guess was Laura.  Then you will hear an EVP say, “My name is Laura.”



8) Living Arts and Science Center, Lexington, KY:

  “Don’t.”  Some of the employees had reported that at times they heard footsteps going upstairs, whispers, and things being moved around.  They seemed to be happy ghosts and the employees enjoyed them being there so they were never afraid.  Patti decided to go upstairs and check out the attic to see what she could find.  While there she told her husband that she was going to walk over and go into this one room that she was drawn to.  While she is approaching the room she picked up an EVP that said, “Don’t.” 



9) Cemetery in Napa Valley, CA:

God calls me back.”  During this investigation Patti puts her recorder on a headstone and then walks away so it doesn’t pick up any of the groups voices.  She was really happy when she had discovered this EVP of a woman’s voice riding in on a lot of static and says, “God calls me back.” 

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