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$15 per person kids under 6 yrs. free


Bardstown Ghost Trek (since 1997)
Every Saturday – 8pm-9:30pm
(June – October) Rain or shine.


The tour starts outside of the Talbott Tavern
107 W. Stephen Foster Ave, Bardstown, KY 40004.
Ticket go on sell at 7:30pm on the grounds of the Talbott Tavern

Bardstown Ghost Trek is a historic ghost-hunt-walk held in the second oldest city in Kentucky.  Certified Ghost Hunter, Patti Starr, has designed this tour to engage and educate you in the investigation of haunted phenomena found on the vintage streets of Bardstown.


You will hear a brief history about this pioneer town along with an explanation on what type of spirits might appear on this haunted path.  Bring your camera and learn how to capture the ghosts in your photos as well as recorders to capture their voices as they speak to us from the grave.  Our tour will give you an opportunity to try your hand at being a ghost hunter or you can just go alone for the experience while witnessing amazing spirit activity. 


Among the many ghosts that occasionally come through during the walk the most famous ghost is the infamous Jesse James.  Sometimes he appears in the room at the tavern for a photo op and other times he has come through the audio recorders with messages like, “Please don’t go”, “you Bet”, “I have a message” and many more.  In 2013 one of the Ghost Trek's walkers, Amber Noe, got an apparition of Jesse inside the Talbott Tavern standing in front of the fireplace. We even got a message from Jesse in an EVP saying "Please don't go".


The places on the tour include the Talbott Tavern, (we will be allowed inside if there are no events booked), Jailer’s Inn, and the Pioneer Cemetery.  All three locations are side by side so not a lot of walking on this tour.  If you want a great meal before the ghost walk we suggest you book dinner reservations at the Talbott Tavern before 6pm, (502) 348-3494.


Tickets are $15 per person and children under 6 yrs. are free.  All advanced ticket sales are non-refundabe or non-exchangeable.


We start selling tickets at 7:30pm outside of the Bardstown Visitor Center or to guarantee you a place on the walk you can buy your tickets in advance on line at .  Call 859-537-8507 for questions or to book a group during the week. 



No Ghost Trek on September 12, 2015. We will be hosting our ScareFest in Lexington, KY the biggest Horror and Paranormal Convention in the USA.





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Join Patti on this Fascinating Ghost Hunt-Walk and
History Tour every Saturday June - October 2015.
Call 859-537-8507 for private tours,
parties, or ghost hunter groups.

Patti Starr - Ghost Walk

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The Talbott Tavern

The Talbott Tavern Balls of light were bouncing off the walls and swirling around the bed as they hummed with static. The TV turned on and the volume rotated from high to low and then turned off. Suddenly, the balls of light exited out the open window which in turn immediately slammed shut. Did all this happen or was it a dream? Well, maybe, if you think several people can sleep in the same room at different times and experience the same dream. Stay at the Tavern and you be the judge. Coincidence or Haunted? Click Here to listen to the ghost voice as Patti asks the ghost a question.



Here is a photo taken (09-17-05) in the Talbott Tavern by one of the Ghost Trek's walkers . Patti is asking the spirit to "Let us know if you are in the room with us" and at that moment Tim Jones caught this amazing anomaly beside Patti.

Patti Starr and photo anomaly


Sometimes we get real lucky and make contact with the outlaw, Jesse James. Usually we get an image of a man in a white cowboy hat outside the window from the room where Jesse use to stay. In 2013 one of the Ghost Trek's walkers, Amber Noe, got an apparition of Jesse inside the Talbott Tavern standing in front of the fireplace. We even got a message from Jesse in an EVP saying "Please don't go".


jesse james


The Jailers Inn

The Jailers Inn
It was a dark and stormy night, when, "Honey, did you hear that? It sounded like someone screaming. Do you think this place is really haunted? I'm going to get my camera." The picture revealed a full apparition of a woman standing on the other side of the room. The Travel Channel listed the Jailers Inn as one of the most haunted places in America. Why not stay and decide for yourself. Is this place really haunted?


This photo was taken by Stacey Allen McGee September, 2005 which shows ecto-mist and three huge orbs near Patti as she divulges the many ghost encounters that took place at the Jailer's Inn.

Patti Starr surrounded by ecto mist


Sara Graham always has good luck at capturing apparitions in haunted locations. In June of 2007, while staying at the Jailer's Inn, she took a picture and caught this ghost between the mannequin 's legs. Notice that there are three hands holding onto his legs.


jailers inn ghost



The Pioneer Cemetery

Pioneer Cemetery There seems to be a mysterious energy here in this peaceful little cemetery. Even though it dates back to the 1780's you can still sense a spirit that may have remained to keep a vigil over the graves. While taking pictures, be careful where you wander for you might get an unexplained invisible push to warn you of a guarded area. Maybe this activity comes from a spirit that was buried alive by accident, which did happen more than once back in the 1700's. People on the ghost trek have captured strange looking anomalies in their photos. Did they get too close? Why not join us and see what might turn up in your photos.


In 2010 one of the Ghost Trek walkers took this picture that captured what we refer to as the blue man. He has been seen as a misty shape but this one was the best capture of this spirit that roams the cemetery.


blue man


Enjoy this video: "Sittin up with the Dead" by Ray Stevens


What to Bring:

1) A Camera or Camcorder or audio recorder or meters
2) A Flashlight
3) An Umbrella (the trek goes on rain or shine)
4) Click here for a map to Bardstown
5) If you come the week of Halloween be sure to wear your Halloween costume.




Cincinnati (138 miles)
2.5 hours, I-75 South to BG Pkwy

Louisville (40 miles)
45 min., I-65 South, exit 112

Lexington (60 miles)
1 hour, BG Pkway, exit 25

Indianapolis (146 miles)
3 hours, I-65 South, exit 112

Nashville (158 miles)
2.5 hours, I-65 North to BG Pkwy

Chicago (344 miles)
St. Louis (308 miles)
Branson (510 miles)
Memphis (349 miles)
Birmingham (347 miles)
Atlanta (398 miles)


During the week you can schedule private tours of 15 or more by calling
859-537-8507 to reserve.



During the Bourbon Festival our ghost walk tickets must be purchased through their office.

Thursday, September 15, 2016, 8pm -9:30pm

Friday, September 16, 2016, 8pm -9:30pm

Saturday, September 17, 2016, 8pm-9:30pm & 10pm-11:30pm


If you want to reserve Ghostly Spirits of Bardstown please call 502-348-3623 EXT 4. $20 per tickets


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