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What’s ITC?

ITC stands for Instrumental Transcommunication and is the general term that encompasses various methods to communicate with the “other side” using  devices such as tape recorders (EVP – Electronic Voice Phenomenon), computers, video setups (such as ITCCam) and just about any electronic device you can think of including computers.  The objective is to capture “messages” from entities (ghosts? spirits?) that break through from the other side with audible messages, images or other communication media.

How Does ITC Work with Video?

Take and ordinary video camera that has a video output and connect it to a TV or monitor as in the following diagram:




The camera’s output should be feeding the monitor and the camera should be pointing directly at the TV/monitor.  Now, adjust the distance between the camera and the monitor slowly.  At some point you should begin to get wispy, swirling patches of light that are a result of a massive feedback loop occurring between the camera and the monitor.  If you now record the output to a VCR, then analyze the video frame-by-frame, you will occasionally see faces, landscape, buildings, etc.  One theory is that these images are snapshots of spirits or other entities “transmitting” from the “other side”.  Another is that the perceived images are simply the result of the “ink blot” effect and are entirely in the observer’s mind. 

About the Ghost Safari™ ITCCam 

ITCCam consists of a not-so-fancy cardboard box sitting on a keyboard stand: 




Within the box is a 5” security monitor and a tiny security camera, aimed at the monitor: 


ITC CAM interior


The monitor is monitoring the camera output, which is capturing what the monitor is monitoring.  Voila! – instant feedback loop! 


The monitor just happens to have a video output jack.  This allows us to feed what the monitor is seeing to our computer for capture.  I purchased the security camera at Sam’s Wholesale Club for $89. 




It comes with a 5” monitor, two IR cameras and a couple of 60ft cables.  For the ITCCam, I masked off the IR lights on the camera because they interfered with the feedback loop. 


Analyzing the ITCCam Output

Although it’s not apparent with the webcam, the actual output from the setup is very rapid with wispy images darting and swirling around the screen.  The webcam version is simply capturing a frame every 20 seconds in the hopes that it will “accidently” capture a significant frame and someone will be there to capture it to a file. 

Significant frames will look almost photographic, and will not have the appearance of random “faces in the clouds.” 

More Information

Here’s some useful links where you can get more information on ITC: 

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