I would like to share a few precautions that I use while taking pictures on a ghost investigation. You want to make sure that the orbs you get in your photos are not "dust spots" or “dust reflecting off the flash.”   If you are in a dusty area, dust storm or on a windy day the chances of you getting orbs created from dust may be a factor. 

I always caution my students to check the negatives on a light table to make sure the anomaly is included in the negative.  I caution them to make sure that the anomaly stays within the frame, because if it bleeds out onto the negative beyond the frames, it is probably a light leak or damaged film. 


I make sure that my film is kept in a temperature control environment and they not get colder than 65 degrees and no hotter than 80 degrees while in storage.  I make sure not to let film go through the x-rays at the airport so I always buy new film once I get to the new location.  I want to point out that if the anomaly appears in the same area of the snapshot in 2 or more consecutive shots that you may have a flaw on your film.  I advise that if you have long hair to pull it back to keep it from flying in front of the camera lens.  I show them how to hold the camera so that the fingers will not accidentally cross over into the lens.  I strongly advise everyone to cut the straps off their cameras or be sure to wrap the strap around their hands so the strap won’t hang too close to the lens to cause a vortex type image.


Even though I have included photos of anomalies here in this gallery, I have made every effort to find a logical reason why the anomaly appeared.  After careful attention to these details and not finding any logical reason I post them on my site as results of paranormal activity.


 As you know, with today technology every one of these photos that I have presented can easily be duplicated through different programs on a computer.  So there is no way for you to know if they are real or fake.  I have taken great care in picking out only those photos with anomaly that I found to be genuine.  Please take the time to check out the gallery and enjoy the photos presented here.


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