By Stacey Manning
The Kentucky Standard


I couldn’t have been more excited when I arranged another meeting with Certified Ghost Hunter Patti Starr to go along with her on an investigation.


Patti lined up an investigation at the home of Ed and Phyllis O’Daniel just outside of Bloomfield.


The plan was to go there in the afternoon and honestly, that made me pretty happy. Thinking of going on a ghost hunt in a pre-Civil War home that was under renovation was spooky enough. I didn’t need nighttime shadows to increase my apprehensions.


I showed up at the O’Daniel home around 1 pm on a Wednesday afternoon. It was a cool day outside and I stood in the sun as I wat5ched Patti and her husband Chuck unload equipment out of the back of their car.


Stepping inside the house we met up with the O’Daniels and their cousin Pam Lisi. Everyone was excited about the ghost hunt.


"Don’t you just love this?" Phyllis asked me repeatedly.


I couldn’t help but smile. Of course I loved it.


I guess I am a believer in ghosts. Well, maybe it’s more like I believe there are things that can’t be explained.


After spending the afternoon with Patti, several things that can’t be explained were again brought to my attention.


During our investigation, I was in one room and Patti and the rest of the group was in the other. Patti was using a digital camera to snap photos of a door that opens and closes on its own.


"Get in here girl," Patti exclaimed in delight. "There are orbs everywhere."


I walked into the room, looked around and saw nothing but the flash of Patti’s camera.

"I am getting tons of them," she said. So I put my camera up to my face and began taking pictures. I couldn’t see a thing out of the ordinary.


After a few moments Patti stopped taking photos and put the camera on play. There she showed us several pictures of small white ghost orbs floating around the room. She even took a picture of one above my head while I was taking notes.


I am certain there were no small white circles floating around that we could see, but there they were caught on the camera.


Later we walked through the house and Patti made contact with some of the spirits. She used a tape recorder to note every moment.


A few days later Patti sent copies of the recordings to me. Three of the recordings have distinct voices. None of the mysterious voices on the tape are that of anyone that was there in the house that day. That is one thing I am sure of.


On the recordings, Patti got a woman or child saying, "My name is Laura." Another recording sounds like a man saying a name like "Borg" and a third recording is a voice saying box.


I have not heard the fourth recording, but Patti said she also has one of a man saying, "Coffee, coffee," when one of the members of the group was talking about how much he would like a cup of coffee.


I can’t prove to you the sounds she recorded on the tapes are ghosts, but I can’t find another explanation for what it could be.


Halloween is certainly a time of tricks and treats. I put a mark for this ghost hunt under the treat category because I assure you, there were no trick that day.


The first part of a two-part series of stories on the ghost hunt appeared in Monday’s paper. The second and final part of the story is on page B14 today and see what some of those things are.


Happy Halloween.

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