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Here's how you record your voices to the computer :


1)  Buy a mike for the computer (usually about $10.00) and hook it up to your tower.  Don't forget to install the small batteries in the bottom of the mike.


2)  You don't need to install any programs because most computers have this capability already.


3)  Click on "Start" then "Programs" then "Accessories" then "Entertainment" and last "Sound Recorder"


4)  A window will pop up and it will resemble a tape recorder with the buttons on the bottom to "Stop", "Record", "Pause" , etc.


5)  At the top of the window you can click on "File" and "Save As" to save your voice once you have recorded it.


6)  Once you hit the record button in this window hit your play button on your hand-held recorder and hold it up to the mike. 


7)  After you have captured the small clip hit stop on the recording window (you want to keep it short or the file will be to big to send out as an email).



Here are some pointers about recording these into the computer:


If you are going to record more than one voice, each time you should go to the top and click on "File" then "New".  This way you want be recording over another voices.  I've done this a couple of times and really got upset.  When you save your voices it's better to title them with a date first.  Example:  04-12-03 Get out of here at Mansion.  As you see I include the date, what is said (don't add punctuation because the computer will not save it), and the place I got the voice.  These are the three things you need to save.  If it's not a voice but a sound then you can title it, 04-12-03 sound walking Mansion.  When you save your voices with the date first all your EVPs will show up together for the one investigation.  I use to list them by the voice first, which the computer stores alphabetically and after about 100 voices they were all scattered in the file and when I wanted to play all the ones for a certain hunt it took me forever to find all the voices.


When you want to pull up a voice to play just follow steps 1-3 and when the window opens click on "File" then "Open" and go to the date of the investigation to review all the voices that you got at that time.  Then highlight the title you want to hear.  This will bring up the window and then you click "Play".  Once you have all the voices recorded you can email them out or burn them to a CD and share them with friends.

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