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1) The Ashton Villa:

The Ashton Villa in Galveston, TX. by Haley Cunningham: "The type of camera I was using was a Hi8 Samsung video recorder, and yes the light on the camera was turned on. It was around 10:30 or so at the house and it was clear weather outside, no wind, clouds or anything. I dont think there was much of a moon either. The house this is in is called Ashton Villa in Galveston Texas. It was a confederate headquarers during the civil war and also a hospital for the victims of the storm of 1900. But the place is said to be haunted by its former resident miss betty brown. She lived in the house in the late 1800's and early 1900's".



2) Abandoned TB Hospital:

a) Patti got a great EVP on her recorder as she turns and says, “Ah”.  Just at that moment she captured a little girl EVP saying, “I’ve been sittin’ here all day.”  Not only did she get this precious voice on her recorder, her husband Chuck was near by with their video camera and he also captured the voice of the little girl EVP saying, “I’ve been sittin’ here all day,” on the camcorder.  This was taken at an abandoned TB hospital. (DO NOT TRESPASS)


b) As the group continues down the hall of the abandoned TB hospital, (DO NOT TRESPASS) one of the members, Kristen Myers, asks if there is a basement and just after she says that you’ll hear another little EVP say, “Go Away”.



3) Food Network, "The Best of Food Fright":

Patti is being featured on the Food Network on a show called, “The Best of” and this night was called, “The Best of Food Fright” where they were hosting favorite haunted restaurants.  During the shoot, Patti and members of the show and crew conducted a ghost hunt.  Then later, during filming for the show, the camera man captured on anomaly coming out of the wall just over Patti’s shoulder.  It takes a while to download but worth the wait….

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